Blog of 28th May

Hi everybody! Hope you are doing great and feeling well!

I didn’t have time to post these days so I’ll just tell you everything now.

I wrote a test in history and got A and I have only 4 exams left:Biology, Chemistry , Math and Georgian (name of the language of my country) .I’m very sure I will get A in Biology , but I ain’t quite sure about others. Math is sometimes very difficult , in Georgian there’re many questions and I have to revise the whole book which is very hard and the Chemistry exam is always the hardest,so I don’t even know how I’m going to study all of these things in such a short time. I hope I’ll resistance it like I always do!

I hate that the summer means exams for me. Every year I’m not happy for summer because of them and I’mm really tired of them. I wish exams were in May, it would be better and the holiday would start earlier.By the way, I finish school on 15th June and it is very near , but very far at the same time…

Today I got the book that I’d won earlier( if you don’t already know, read my blog where I write about it). I haven’t started reading it, yet and don’t think I will do that soon , as I don’t have time,but I’ll let you know when I start reading it.

Today, on a book festival I bought “Stardust” by Neil Gaimen and I really hope it’s a good book. If you have read it, tell me in comments if you liked it or not.

I’ve just drawn a painting of sky and trees. Sounds so stupid, but I don’t know other way to explain it. Let me know if you’d like to see my drawings , as I’d be happy to show you them!

So, this is everything that has happened in these days. Hope you enjoy reading!

Also, if you have any question about me or the topic that you want me to write about, please comment down below or message me!

Xx Katie


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