Blog of 29th May

Hi everyone! How are you?

It’s 2:05AM and I’ve just finished homework, as I had a terrible headache the whole evening. These headaches just hurt so much! I have them very often and I’m happy when day passes without it. I think I had it today due to my 3-hour-sleep last night which wasn’t only short,also not deep sleep. Imagine how hard it was or me to get up at 8 o’clock in the morning and feel crappy already.Plus, my charger broke and I wasn’t able to charge my phone , so I didn’t wake up on time and had only 10 minutes to get ready, it wasn’t that hard, as I only need to get dressed, brush my teeth ,  do my brows and then leave. I’ve wanted coffee entire day, but never drank it and I hope very much I’ll be able to make it tomorrow morning and take it in thermos to school and not be exhausted as I have tests in Math and History. By the way, I wrote this Chemistry test in the beginning of May and I thought I did very bad , but I got 9/10 and I’m very proud of myself , as I didn’t even know what would be on the test and I almost answered every question in test.

I am not afraid about History, only about Math, as I can be easily distracted by my classmates and don’t write well. I’ll also see what I got on the previous test in Math and I hope 10 , because I need it! In the first semester ( there are two semesters at school in my country) I got 9 and I need 10 in this semester to get 10 in total.

Today I chose some books that I’m going to read during this summer. Some of them are just modern books and some the ones that I’ll need in future exams for Universities.

“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.”              J.K.Rowling

Here , in Georgia , we don’t really have good May this year, it rains a lot and I hope very much that summer will be dry and hot! What about you guys? Comment where do you live and what is the weather like in your countries.I promise I’ll read them!

Anyway, it’s already 2:20 AM and I think I really should go to bed and get a good sleep, which I really need right now.

Good night/day everyone

Xx Katie


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