More about me

Hi everyone! I thought it would be easier for you to understand my blogs if you knew my character and my story.Hope this will help you 🙂

If you don’t already know I am 15 years old, a sophomore in high school and I’m becoming Junior in September and I’m both excited and sad about it, as I’ll have left only two years of school. I love school, but people , not education or teachers. Of course I have favourite teachers , but I wouldn’t go to school only because of them. I’ve been studying in public school since 7th grade, the previous 6 years I was in private school.But changing school wasn’t even that hard for me, as I didn’t have many friends there and I was in the same situation in the new school. I was very lazy in private school, didn’t even study History but I still managed to get 10/10 in the exams 🙂 And I didn’t cheat ! But here, at public school everything was very different. I thought that public schools were less strict than private ones, but I was so wrong! I didn’t manage to get A’s here without studying hard and I couldn’t even study things. At first, I didn’t care , but then some teachers encouraged me to study and I did and once I started studying everything , I didn’t stop and I still get A in every subject at school. I don’t even love these stupid subjects, only chemistry , but I still force myself to study and finish school being the best student!

Now about music. I started listening to music when I was in 5th grade and I was crazy about Miley Cyrus and my obsession lasted for 3 years. Then I was listening to different singers , until I found about LANA DEL REY. I LOVE HER! I JUST CAN’T DESCRIBE MY FEELINGS FOR HER! SHE’S JUST MY LIFE! She has helped me during my depression and my problems. My dream is to go to her concert and hope it will come true! I also love Coldplay , Green Day , Charli XCX , Noah Cyrus , The Weeknd and Oh wonder.

About TV-shows and movies. My favourite movie is Remember and Clueless. I have so many TV-shows that I don’t think I’ll remember all of them , but at least I’ll try. So I love Supernatural, Criminal Minds, MTV’s Scream, The Blacklist, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Gilmore Girls, Fringe, Friends , Freaks and Geeks , Macgyver, Riverdale. That’s all I can remember.

Now let’s talk about my personality.I am very very stubborn and I always do what I say! I’m often selfish , but I don’t hurt people while being one. I’m extremely lazy and I start doing homework at 10 PM or 10.30 Pm. I am also very determined and hard-working when I need to. I’m very responsible. I am very loyal and I’m always there when someone needs help. I’m also very balanced person and it’s not easy to make me furious. I always help those in need even if I hate them. I just can’t ignore someone who needs a hand. I almost always have serious face and everyone think I’m just a bi*ch (sorry, guys:( I couldn’t think of any other word) . I am not the kind of person who smiles and laughs every minute, instead I like keeping my mouth shut, especially in the mornings! I don’t even answer people before I am completely woke. I’d rather be late, than be early and wait for someone/something  as I hate waiting ! I am very picky and eat only few kinds of food like fried potatoes , fried eggs, pizza, buckwheat with meat and oatmeal with milk and sometimes with cocoa. I hate meat! Any kind of meat ! I can only eat it with something . So now things that I hate: when people lie to me ,as I know when someone lies to me , when someone promises me something and doesn’t do it,when someone cancels plans at the last minute, when people interrupt me while watching movies or TV shows, when someone doesn’t respect my privacy, also when someone doesn’t respect my decisions , when people say that they hate someone , but still hang out with them.Like why would you tell me that if you’re going to still be friends with them? When someone takes my stuff without asking, especially , my telephone. I hate when people just ignore me when I talk to them about my problems, as I always listen when they have them and help them however I can. I hate when people just remember the bad things I’ve done to them and not the good ones which are more than the bed ones.

So, it’s all that I wanted to tell you! If you have any questions, feel free to comment or message me in private!♥

Xx Katie


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