Blog of 24th May

Hello people and welcome to my sixth blog! Today I had a test in history and I think I wrote well, or at least I hope so. But nothing important has happened, so I decided to write about my favourite book , which is The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. I read it 2 … More Blog of 24th May

Blog of 23rd May

Hi everyone! Hope you are doing great! If you didn’t already know, during Ariana Grande’s concert at Manchester, UK there was a terrorist act and died 22 people and many were injured 😦 It’s a very hard subject to talk about, but it happens more often this year so I can’t avoid it, especially during … More Blog of 23rd May

22nd May blog

Hello everyone ! Hope you’re having a good day like me! At school some classes were canceled so I got home 2 hours early and got more rest. Then I won a book on a Facebook! It is not only about a book that makes me happy, but the success itself! I almost never win … More 22nd May blog

Blog of 21st May

Hey guys! I changed my theme and absolutely adore the new one and hope you like it too. Today, I am in a really good mood and trust me , it is a very rare thing. There’re many reasons for it. I slept well at night and after two weeks I have visitors on my … More Blog of 21st May